Our manifesto

n° 1

AT The well bred rabbit,

+ Well born, exclusively in France – in Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Nouvelle Aquitaine.

+ Well fed, with high quality and natural feed. It’s 100 % vegetable-based notably alfalfa, with grains and cereals, a rich source of Omega 3, and GM-free. 90 % of the feed is sourced in France.

+ Well raised on the natural ground in large enclosures, with ample space to run, jump, rest and take shelter in areas expressly equipped for this.

n° 2

AT The well bred rabbit,

+ Well engaged, and our joint stakeholders in this venture are going way beyond the set specifications for this activity. The stockbreeder’s job requires a touch of passion, a pinch of savoir-faire and gallons of dedication to duty. That’s why all our stockbreeders keep a steady eye on their charges on a daily basis.

+ Well engaged : they favor local production of food and equipment located within 3 hours of breeding, which promotes the support of our breeding regions.

+ Well supervised : they benefit from technical advice allowing them to always bring more quality in breeding and thus to our products.

+ Well supported in this long-term approach : we ensure the sustainability of their operation, including a fair sharing of the value produced by all.

n° 3

AT The well bred rabbit,

+ Well informed on our site, our packaging & our labels that mention the name & the locality of the breeder, in complete transparency

+ Well assured: all our farms are audited by an independent and State recognised body, allowing to guarantee the origin and the quality of the products.

+ Well satisfied: We offer healthy, tasty meat & recipe ideas for cooking everyday dishes