Our history

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Manifesto of the dedicated

We the collective stockbreeders have:

  • - Launched the new initiative “The well bred rabbit”
  • - We’ve put “well being” at the heart of our approach
  • - We are committed to animal welfare, our  consumers and our regions
  • - We’re owning our challenge and commitment
  • - We the stockbreeders have taken the lead as pioneers by delivering a new rabbit meat product with the pride and knowledge of a job well done
  • - We have developed a new best practice breeding programmes, favouring  ethical sustainability
  • - A unique breeding model, an alternative to the cage: raising rabbits on the ground in large pens, with spaces for shelter and rest
  • - We offer our animals an environment to express their natural behaviours, ensuring their well being
    We have  pooled our savoir faire and  resources to develop innovative breeding :
  • - that is  even more respectful of animal welfare
  • - breaking ties with existing models
  • - offering better working conditions to breeders
  • - allowing a fairer distribution of value between our partners.

Our aim :

  • - to invent better practices
  • - to involve responsible breeders who are invested in this dynamic process of change
  • - to anticipate and meet the expectations of our consumers
  • - to reassure the consumer by informing them in clear transparency of all our rabbit rearing processes and conditions.


Our The well bred rabbit approach was hailed in Brussels at the presentation ceremony of the Biennial Animal Trophies on June 27 2019.
The trademark was awarded the Rabbit Breeding Innovation Trophy.

Rewarding companies using breeding systems more respectful of the welfare of rabbits, this award highlights the work initiated by the major players in the French rabbit industry.

Given the CIWF’s work is centered around the best practices for stockbreeding and animal welfare, this award has subsequently triggered a weighty interest in our work by our industry peers, particularly in respect of our initiatives within Well Bred Breeders and Well Bred Rabbits programmes.

*CIWF Compassion in World Farming